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50 Anos - uma vida!

Parabéns pelos vossos 50 anos de vida partilhada...

sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Saramago deixou-nos...

José José Saramago, imagem da net

Disse-me um amigo
que "... Saramago morreu."

vai o Homem
fica o espirito
a obra

Welcome to Thebes


a new play by Moira Buffini

Faced with an impoverished population, a shattered infrastructure and a volatile army, the first democratic president of Thebes, Eurydice, promises peace to her nation. Without the aid of Theseus, the leader of the vastly wealthy state of Athens, she doesn’t stand a chance. But Theseus is arrogant, mercurial and motivated by profit.

I’ve always been susceptible to handsome egomaniacs.

You get in there. Exploit his weaknesses as he would exploit yours.

A swaggering opposition circles, impatient for insurrection. The body of the former dictator lies unburied. A boy soldier is carelessly murdered.

You’re only old enough to kill, not vote.

Set in the present day, but inspired by ancient myth, Moira Buffini’s Welcome to Thebes offers a passionate exploration of an encounter between the world’s richest and poorest countries in the aftermath of a brutal war.

He put this gun into my hand and made me human once again.

World premiere

Read more about playwright Moira Buffini's inspiration for Welcome to Thebes.

At 67, Richard Eyre is returning to the National Theatre with one of his most urgently topical productions to date.
'The inspiration for the play was Liberia, which now has a woman president [Ellen Johnson Sirleaf] and a substantial number of women in government...' Read full interview from The Daily Telegraph.

AN INTERVIEW WITH THE LEADING BLACK BRITISH ACTOR: Welcome to Thebes is the latest in a genre of plays looking at Africa through liberal interventionist lens.
'It’s a big piece about a whole range of different subjects - women in politics, war, the state of Africa, the relationship between Africa and The West...' Read full interview with David Harewood in the New Black Magazine.

Richard Eyre on our class-ridden love of theatre
'The relationship between Third World nations and powerful countries is the great issue of our times, Richard Eyre believes...' Read full interview from the Evening Standard

The black actor boom
'Talented black actors, so often sidelined or overlooked for star roles, are suddenly in demand on the London stage...' Read full article from the Evening Standard.

Afridiziak Theatre News - Interview with Nikki Amuka-Bird
'I think Moira Buffini's been sharp in making the connection with Greek mythology and third world countries...' Read full interview on Afridiziak.com

fonte: www.nationaltheatre.org.uk

terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

Viver no mar...

...porque vive uma rosa no mar do meu coração?